Coming this Fall…The Sunlight Kids Campground

Now that our new building is well under way, many have been asking: “What are the plans for the old building?”

The answer is we don’t exactly know yet. There are many ideas and suggestions, but at this moment there are no firm design plans. The remodel of our existing sanctuary, offices and church classrooms will come sometime after the phase III expansion of the fellowship hall.

In the meantime, we are very excited to make creative use of the space that is opening up!

We are happy to announce that this fall we will be temporarily transforming the old sanctuary into The Sunlight Kids Campground to be used for a new Kid’s Church program at the 9:30 service as well as for other children’s ministry programs.

This installation will include large pop-up tents for small groups, fold-able picnic tables for crafts and snack areas, and a stage set up with a campfire, lawn chairs, a few pine trees, and perhaps a canoe.

The entire installation will be portable and or fold-able to quickly be taken down when the space needs to be used for other events.

To get a better idea, here’s a photo from Passion City Church in Atlanta from whom we got the fun idea for this great kids space.

sunlight kids campground ideasLooking forward to a fun fall ahead at The Sunlight Kids Campground!


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