Meet Miss Gina

Gina’s story is a powerful one of faith through difficult circumstances. Gina and her twin brother, Gino, were placed into foster care and group homes at a very young age.  After 14 placements, Gina’s message is not one of despair but of hope and love in Jesus Christ.

We are thankful that Gina’s journey has brought her here to be a part of our Children’s Ministry Team at Sunlight.

Miss Gina serves in many areas of ministry. You may see her in Sunday School, greeting folks at check-in while taking attendance, or taking care of little ones in the nursery. Gina serves at our fall festivals, shares the love of Christ at local visits to nursing homes, and served as a student missionary last summer in Puerto Rico.

Gina serves wherever needed, whenever needed. She is also active in Sunlight’s youth group, works hard at a part time job and still finds the time to be an excellent student who is graduating early this year! Her future plans include pursuing a career in nursing.

ginaWe are thankful for Gina’s beautiful smile, her joyful laugh, her willing heart, and her strong faith.


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