Easter Blessings

WOW! Did you know that we broke attendance records this Easter Sunday? Sunlight welcomed more than 800 people at 3 services this past week. What a beautiful way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together.

Easter 2013

In turn, we had our highest attending Sunday in the Children’s Department with over 100 children!

When I came into the office today, Pastor Scott mentioned right away what a great job everyone did. So I wanted to pass his appreciation along to you with my thanks as well.

Thank you Nursery Team:  Karyl Hall our Director, Karyn Dekker our fearless greeter, Danae, Anna, Laurie Torres, and Marilyn Planny – what a blessing you are. I know there were a lot of little ones to care for. Thank you for going the extra mile on this 5th Sunday and for showing our little ones how God loves them by showering your love and care over them.

Thank you Sunday School Team:  Laurie, Victoria, Tommy, Jake, Chris, Dave, Katie, and Michelle. We welcomed 82 children to Sunday School on Easter, 32 of whom were visitors!

Thank you for preparing the special Easter lessons and for sharing THE story of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Your lessons, which impart God’s Word, are imprinted on the hearts of this next generation with the truth of Christ. Amen.

Thank you my sweet Tara for checking-in the multitudes and welcoming so many new families with your gracious smile and then running around checking on everyone all morning.

Thank you to my Sunday School class helpers – Gina, Gino the Easter Bunny, Eric, and Andrew,  for setting up extra tables and chairs, for packing goodie bags, handing out papers, helping with crafts and Bible drills, and then for cleaning up at the end of the day.

Gina, gino and eric 1

Thanks also for Dante and Tommy for taking down the extra tables and re-setting the classroom furniture after Sunday School. I greatly appreciate your gift of strength and your willingness to help wherever needed.

As Children’s Director, I am privileged  to see how many people serve wholeheartedly on days like Easter. For me, though, you are Easter every week. You are evidence of our risen Lord, alive and overflowing into the hearts and lives of our church and our children. It is a blessing to serve alongside you.

I want to close with a thank you and a goodbye-for-now to Chris and Dave Bures who have taught Sunday School every week for the past 2 years. Easter was their last Sunday teaching at this time.

chris buresYour Consistency and dedication has had a huge impact in children’s ministry here at Sunlight. Your passion to serve is inspirational and motivational.

You have passed along God’s word so faithfully to the next generation, meeting a vital need in our children’s lives.

Sending much love to you and well wishes as you begin a new direction in ministry.  PS We are looking forward to seeing you at VBS as The Games and Imagination Station leaders. : )

We are blessed to be a blessing – Holly

dave bures


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